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Becoming a Mktemp Mirror Site

If you wish to mirror the mktemp distribution, please mirror the master site, The best times to mirror are between midnight and 8am US Eastern standard time (MST).

In addition to standard ftp mirroring, you may also mirror the ftp and/or CVS trees via rsync. To mirror the ftp site via rsync, run something like

	rsync -avz /path/to/your/mirror

If you wish to mirror the mktemp web pages, you may do so via a web mirroring program such as WebMirror or wget. Alternately, you may use rsync to do the mirroring.

	rsync -avz /path/to/your/mirror
Note that this will not mirror the dist subdirectory since this should simply be a link to the ftp site (or a mirror thereof).

Send mail to if you wish to have your mirror listed in the official mktemp mirrors list.