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                           MKTEMP RELEASE NOTES

mktemp 1.7 released: 04/25/2010
	Temporary file names now include digits in addition to letters.
	mktemp will now terminate after 2*N^62 attempts, where N
	    is the number of Xs in the template.  Previously it would try
	Fixed UTF8 formatting of the grave accent character in the manual.

mktemp 1.6 released: 08/18/2008
	Temporary file names no longer use the process ID as part of the name
	Use arc4random_uniform() instead of random() or lrand48()
	The prngd or egd daemon can now be used on systems without /dev/urandom
	Added long option support for compatibility with GNU coreutils version
	Fixed an installation issue on Cygwin

mktemp 1.5 released: 04/01/2003
	Removed dead code from priv_mktemp.c
	Added EBCDIC support to priv_mktemp.c

mktemp 1.4 released: 11/12/2001
	Sync with OpenBSD 3.0
		The template argument is now optional.  If no template
		is specified a default will be used and -t is implied. now uses autoheader

mktemp 1.3.1 released: 10/02/2001
	Fixed the call to getopt() missed in sync with OpenBSD

mktemp 1.3 released: 10/01/2001
	Added new -t and -p options to make it easy for script writers
		to honor a user's TMPDIR environment variable.
	Rebuilt configure with autoconf 2.50

mktemp 1.2 released: 06/26/2001
	Incorporated patches from Solar Designer.

mktemp 1.1 released: 05/23/2001
	Use srandomdev(3) if it exists instead of seeding by hand from
		the random device.
	Added -V (version) flag.
	Fixed an off by one error in mkdtemp.c.  This is only used if the
		user specified --with-libc to configure and libc lacks
		mkdtemp(3) so should not affect many people.
	Sync manual page with OpenBSD one.
	Mention new mktemp-announce mailing list.

mktemp 1.0 released: 02/06/2000